Fortune 500 to Mid-sized organizations from a variety of industries including financial, retail, athletics, education, associations and many more...

Harland Clarke

Mid-sized Organizations

If you’ve out-grown your current marketing solutions provider, or are simply looking for a digital partner who is dedicated to the future success of your mid-sized business, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in Harland Clarke Digital.

Our marketing technology is designed to increase efficiencies where time and resources are always in short supply.

Intuitive message creation tools, real-time response metrics, intelligent/automated campaigns and 3rd-party integrations help mid-sized marketing departments manage high-ROI programs without taxing internal resources. And the Harland Clarke Digital team is only a phone call away for expert insight, troubleshooting, recommended best practices and a host of professional, creative and strategic services.

How can Harland Clarke Digital help your mid-sized business?

  • List building and acquisition features to expand your audience
  • Social sharing tools to power word-of-mouth messaging
  • Hosted/Managed websites and microsites
  • Program assessments to identify opportunities and refine your campaigns
  • Integration with Salesforce.com and Google Analytics
  • External content feeds to quickly generate email messaging
  • Much more...

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