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Harland Clarke

Automotive Solutions


Lets discuss how Research & Insights
can help your organization.

Research & Insights offers a full range of survey services and data collection services to the automotive industry.  We can identify the key drivers that help guide the focus of your organization’s actions that have the greatest impact on overall relationship, product quality and user experience.

Measure, monitor and improve:

  • Customer and employee loyalty for the entire product lifecycle (shopping, purchase, service and repurchase).
  • New product designs and features that meet your customer’s needs.
  • On-going product quality, including access to early indicators of potential problems.
  • Customer experience with your product and accessories. 

Research & Insights has over 20 years of experience working with the automotive industry and over 40 years of experience in survey research and data collection applications. And as part of Harland Clarke Corp. our quality, service and security standards are top of the line.  

Our automotive industry experience allows us to help clients cultivate and maintain more profitable customer relationships, improve product quality and enhance their customers' overall user experience with their product.