Fortune 500 to Mid-sized organizations from a variety of industries including financial, retail, athletics, education, associations and many more...

Harland Clarke


Research & Insights from Harland Clarke Digital is a full-service customer experience and data management organization, providing our clients with knowledge of their customers’ and employees’ perceptions and attitudes about their organization’s business.

Understanding your customers’ and employees’ requirements and expectations will help you to:
  • Increase satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy among their customers and employees
  • Make intelligent business decisions that lead to bottom-line profitability
  • Turn marginally profitable customers into profitable ones
  • Identify new revenue and growth opportunities
  • Attract and grow new customer relationships
We will guide our customers to achieve their survey and data management objectives by:
  • Providing customized surveys, data collection forms and services based on their requirements
  • Utilizing existing customer or employee database information to provide additional segmentation of survey data
  • Combining administration methodologies to reduce costs and increase response rates – paper, web, phone, or a hybrid
  • Detailed data reporting providing clients with Key Drivers, benchmark comparisons and trend analysis on your results
  • Access to our expert team of loyalty and engagement Ph.D. and consultant staff to implement and improve satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy in the client organization
  • Additional consultative services to develop action plans that lead to positive business results
  • Providing a dedicated, professional project management team
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