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Mobile Campaigns

Mobile Campaigns

Your customers are using mobile devices. If that sounds like a blanket statement, consider this; there are more active mobile devices in the United States than there are people.

Forget mobile marketing as “the next big thing” — mobile’s time is now. From simple text messaging to powerful location-based campaigns, the potential of mobile marketing has become a reality.

Harland Clarke Digital brings you mobile marketing solutions that puts your brand in the pockets, purses and palms of mobile users everywhere.

mobile marketingWith Harland Clarke Digital, you can:

  • Set up keyword-driven SMS* marketing campaigns, promotions, contests and more
  • Manage and organize mobile recipients for targeted campaigns
  • Automate messages with a time-based or behavior-based trigger
  • Deliver transactional notifications by integrating with our API
  • Deploy MMS* campaigns for a truly interactive mobile experience
  • Harness the true power of mobile communication through LBS* messaging

*SMS – Short message service, MMS — Multimedia messaging service, LBS — Location-based service

The average user looks at his/her mobile device over 150 times per day.
You should be there.

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