"We've worked with technology providers before, but rarely do we get the opportunity to work with people as capable, organized and professional as Harland Clarke Digital." — Harborstone Credit Union

Harland Clarke



SubscriberMail's SalesForce integration makes it easy for members of your organization to manage elements of your email marketing program outside of the SubscriberMail system.

Touché Analyzer

Users of Harland Financial Solutions' Touché Analyzer system can now create and import targeted mailing lists directly into SubscriberMail for use with marketing campaigns. Together, SubscriberMail and Touché Analyzer can help you make the most of your client communications.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Proudly display the fruits of your email labor by tracking visitors to your site referred by your SubscriberMail campaigns. Gauge the effectiveness and ROI of your campaigns, and identify areas for improvement using our quick and easy analytics integration.

IBM Coremetrics

IBM Coremetrics

Users of LIVEmail from IBM Coremetrics can create closed-loop email marketing programs through the SubscriberMail Coremetrics integration. When email referral visitors to your website display the specific behaviors you want to measure, LIVEmail and SubscriberMail work together to automate follow-up campaigns based on those behaviors. Ideal for behavior-driven messaging around cart abandonment, product page views, confirmation pages, etc.



Data gathered through forms + surveys from Harland Clarke Digital can be exported in the proper format to be analyzed using IBM SPSS Statistics software. 

Social Media



Incorporating AddThis social sharing tools into your emails allows you to extend the reach of your campaigns into the social media space. Email recipients can easily post a link to your email message for all of their Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections (etc) to see. Or you can prompt recipients to share a link to your product description page, resource download page or event registration page by customizing your AddThis button with a URL of your choice.



Acquire new email subscribers with the opt-in code generator available through SubscriberMail. Just place the code on your business' Facebook page to help attract social contacts into your email program.

Forms + Surveys from Harland Clarke Digital can be shared directly to a variety of social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you're looking to gather feedback, it only makes sense to ask the social users who are more than willing to provide it.



Inbound RSS Feeds

Each time you write a new blog post or add a new article to your website, the SubscriberMail platform can automatically make it available as a piece of content for use in future email campaigns. Create any number of RSS feeds to sync with SubscriberMail and make your content creation processes that much more efficient. Using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla (etc) can allow you to "bucket" your content into categories and create narrow-focused RSS feeds, so only the content you want to see will make its way into SubscriberMail.

Outbound RSS Feeds

Keep customers and/or internal contacts up-to-the-minute with your latest email content by pushing new content out of your SubscriberMail account as it's created. Ideal for product updates, new items, etc., anyone subscribed to your RSS feed will be sure to see what's new with your business.




Prevent deliverability issues by scanning email message content against common Spam filters prior to deployment, including Postini, IronPort, Spam Assassin, and more.